Investment Products

All Funds Designed Especially for Your Savings are at Ziraat

Ziraat Bank Funds, managed by our expert team, provide you with practical, profitable, and trustworthy investment instruments.

Utilize your savings in Ziraat Bank Investment Funds, selecting between A Type, B Type, and Capital Protected investment funds, each with a different composition to suit every risk profile and time horizon, as you take advantage of different investment opportunities in investment instruments that closely track developments in capital market products.

Ziraat Bank operates four A type, three B type, and three B type Capital Protected funds.

Investment funds are assets gathered from all kinds of investor savings, invested profitably in market instruments. Our Bank has one of the largest investment portfolios in Turkey, investment funds managed on the principle of portfolio diversification and utilizing such instruments as shares, reverse repos, debentures, bonds, gold, and purchase options.

Features / Advantages

  • Your savings are harnessed by fund managers who are expert in their field.
  • Protection from market risks through portfolio diversification.
  • Opportunities to invest in a variety of investment instruments.
  • Even savings totaling small amounts are utilized.
  • Investments are easily converted into cash.